I want to go onto more detail regarding the voices.

First off, as I mentioned before, my voices come from inside my head. They are almost like incredibly loud thoughts, thoughts that are not my own, and that most of the time have nothing to do with what I am thinking about.  I’ll be thinking about what I have to to for the day (going shopping, doctors appointment, etc.) and all of the sudden I’ll hear the word “freak” going through my head in a voice that is distinctly different form my own. They are not always bad, sometimes they can be quite funny. (So funny that I’ll sometimes laugh to my self out loud in public : -\ ) When they ask me questions I sometimes make the mistake of answering them in public, which gets me the occastional odd look.

I am fully aware that these voices are not real, that they represent some part of me that has been disconnected from the rest. At times I wonder if they are some sort of spirit trying to communicate with me. This seems far fetched most of the time though. (I do have paranoia about spirits and other supernatural things, but that has little to do with the voices.)

The voices can make it hard for me to think a coherent thought at times. This makes me seem spacey and disorganized to others, which makes sense, since I am spacey and disorganized!

I am able to function pretty normally, I go to school, work, stuff like that.

I am currently on medication that has helped a little with  the voices. I am on Seroquel, which I take once in the morning and once at night.  The medication doesn’t make the voices go away, but does help make them a little less loud.  It also helps lessen the anxiety that the voices cause.

Thats really all I can think of right now!